[software-liber] În atenția programatorilor - ODF Toolkit

Răzvan Sandu razvan.sandu la zando.ro
Mie Dec 10 18:43:23 EET 2008

Bună ziua,

Preluând ideea de pe lista TIC-Lobby, îmi permit să semnalez tuturor 
programatorilor interesați - rog răspândiți vestea:

Biblioteci și unelte *practice* de dezvoltare pentru schimburi de documente, 
multiplatformă, interoperabile, „moka” și conformante cu standardele ISO:


"The ODF Toolkit provides a home for libraries that ease the development of 
applications that support ODF , the unique vendor neutral open standard for 
office documents. The ODF Toolkit further provides a home for tools that process 
ODF or check ODF conformance.

The range of projects that are available in the ODF Toolkit goes from small 
tools that simplify using ODF in the software development process, over an ODF 
validation tool up to large ODF Java and .NET libraries that can be used within 
other projects. And this is just the start. Developers are invited to freely 
host their open source ODF libraries and tools within the ODF Toolkit, to join 
the existing projects, and to collaborate with ODF developers everywhere."

Numai bine,

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