[software-liber] How much is Bill worth?

Agnes Horvath agnes la vdel.com
Joi Iun 26 13:23:05 EEST 2008

There are people who don't like capitalism, and people who don't like 
PCs. But there's no one who likes the PC who doesn't like Microsoft. -- 
Bill Gates

#  How much is Bill worth right now?

We obviously do not have a full reckoning of everything Bill owns. But, 
according to the Yahoo! Insider Trades site, Bill has 813,130,446 shares 
of MSFT.
This figure reflects all trades made through 14-May-08 , which is the 
most recent trade. (Thanks to Jeff Call for the pointer!)

As of 4:00pm ET on 6/25/2008, Microsoft was selling for $28.35.

Some simple multiplication tells us that he owns $23,052,248,144.10 
worth of Microsoft stock. (That's $23.05 Billion.)

wow .. :)


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